the best Canada-Korea Import/Export Accelerator

The Pacific Ocean Squeezer

Connecting distances between Canada and S. Korea.

Team is everyting

D.W. Gym, MBA/B Eng

Team members are everything
– Former Business Development, Financial Officer, Consultant, Sales Engineer

David Joh, B Edu

He is proud of his four daughters and wife.
– Former President of Bio Media Inc.

Daekyeong Kim, B Eng

Global Sourcing and Marketing. – R&D, AFPK, IFC, IPO

Hoiwon Kim, J.D.(LLB)

International Legal Issue – Lawyer at Anniko, Hunter Law

Dan Gym, B A.Sc

– IT, App, Game, Electric, Bio,  Mechanical Fields

Paul Lim

– Restaurant Owner, Former Korean Army Aviation

Small, Strong, and Sound!