Small, Strong, and Sound

Canada-Korea Business Development Team

The Team members focus on Business Development between West America and East Asia.

D. Gym, MBA/ B Eng
D. Gym, MBA/ B EngS. Consultant
My team members are more important than potential customers because they know how to make customers happy.
– Former VP Asia Business Development at AVT Audio Visual Telecommunications
David Joh, B Edu
David Joh, B EduAdvisor/ S. Director
He is proud of his four daughters and wife.
– Former President of Bio Media Inc. (IPO at KOSDAQ in 2001)
Daekyung Kim, B Eng
Daekyung Kim, B EngS. Global Sourcing
Specialized in Global Sourcing of SME, R&D, AFPK, IFC, IPO
– CEO of MEFI Consulting
Thomas Ahn, B Sc/ Comm
Thomas Ahn, B Sc/ CommAdvisor
Being professional, Having fun, Being Brilliant.
– CEO of MAD Ventures, Inc.
Hoiwon Kim, Master of Laws
Hoiwon Kim, Master of LawsAdvisor/ S. Director
– Lawyer at Anniko, Hunter Law
Dan Gym, B Eng
Dan Gym, B EngJ. Engineer
Electrical Engineering
– App, Game, Electric, Bio, Mechanic Developer.

Team is everything

HanaLand is proud of team members.